Chicago Calling

The Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival

The Borderbend Arts Collective presents the Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival -- September 27-October 13, 2012. Chicago Calling is a multi-arts collaboration festival; during the Seventh Annual Chicago Calling Arts Festival people in Chicago work with people outside of Chicago -- both here in the U.S. and abroad. These collaborations include a range of art forms, such as music, dance, film, literature, and intermedia -- and they are prepared or improvised. Some Chicago Calling events involve live feeds between Chicago and other locations. 2012 Chicago Calling events include “Bicycles and the Arts” at Working Bikes Cooperative, “Silent Spring & Autumn 2012,” “Water Music” presented by 6018 North, “Speaking in Tongues: Chicago-China Collaborations” at Powell's Books, “Ex Libris: Portfolio Exchange Opening Reception” at Spudnik Press, “Art Square” presented by the Phantom Gallery Chicago Network, “Interpretations and Translations Featuring the Music of Nu Directions Chamber Brass” at the Southside Hub of Production, a performance at Gallery Cabaret, Red Rover Series Experiment #57: We Can Be Heroes at Outer Space Studio, a harvest and Thanksgiving interfaith arts event at Peoples Church, and other TBA events.

Download the Chicago Calling schedule: 2012_chicago_calling_arts_festival.pdf.

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